The dishwasher won’t run, but hopefully YOU will

A lot of our (my) posts start with one of two things – the weather or some description of why I am sometimes (more often than not) sporadic when  I write. Both have a lot to do with the way All Are Welcome is running. The weather certainly affects what’s going on in the kitchen, but moods and energy levels and attitude as well.  As for the postings, well…read on.

I realized it’s been a while since I’ve written.  We came back from a summer break and I haven’t posted since.  There are folks I know who write every day – blog posts, journalists, insightful Facebook posts, but I’m not one of those.  Sometimes it takes a while for my brain to pull a post together that I think might be worthy of reading.  So, here’s a little end of year update for you with some …wait for it…food for thought!

Last week, I wore flip flops outside…I saw drivers with their convertible tops down…in DECEMBER!  For one who’s not fond of cold, snow or winter, as we approach the time of year that usually makes me ask “why do I live in New England” I’ll take these above average temps and spring-time weather!

We have been doing a few new things at All Are Welcome since our last post.  With a little help and a little advice, we have done some updates to our decor, created a printed menu and have enlisted the help of a volunteer to help build our volunteer staff!

On a sadder note, the dishwasher in our kitchen has washed its last.  Hobart, the workhorse of restaurant appliances, was over 20 years old, probably closer to 30 and served us and our hosts at the Church of Our Saviour well.  The machine is so old, they no longer manufacture parts or offer service for our model.  So, for the first time in a long time, we’re going to be doing some active fundraising to raise AAW’s share of the cost of replacing the machine.  Commercial, hi-temp dishwashers are not a low budget item and we’re going to need some help with this!!

In the meantime, of course, we’ll be keeping on with our regular meals, our FIFTH annual Run for Your Lunch and a few other special things to keep moving forward and looking for our next big adventure!

As a point of interest, this month, the Sunday TODAY show filmed a piece on one of the pay-as-you-can cafe’s in another part of the country.  If you’ve ever wondered what All Are Welcome is, or to understand what makes us different from traditional restaurants or even how we’re “not a soup kitchen”, please take a moment to view the video clip from that show (aired December 6, 2015) HERE. All of the Community Cafes across the nation work with slightly different models; one important difference from the featured cafe is that All Are Welcome has NO paid employees – our staff is all volunteer!

If you are able to offer some help towards our new dishwasher, or just keeping us running you can make donations online (see our donation link above under “partner”), mail them to us at All Are Welcome, PO Box 1244, Middleboro, MA 02346 or stop in to visit us  at 60 Union Street, Middleboro (inside the Church of Our Saviour parish hall).

Some things to note and dates to remember: Please check our Facebook page regularly.  News, updates and changes are posted there fairly regularaly!  Thursday, December 24 (Christmas Eve) will be a special lunch service day with a Lasagna lunch (no regular menu) and we will be closing at 1PM, Saturday, December 26 we WILL be serving our regular breakfast menu.  Thursday, December 31 will be regular lunch, but again closing at 1PM, Saturday, January 2, 2016 will be regular breakfast and most importantly…

SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 2016 is our FIFTH ANNUAL RUN FOR YOUR LUNCH 5.5k Run/Walk and Chowder lunch!  Race Registration is open online with RaceWire or you can print and mail a registration form from here!  Please bring friends and guests to join us for the post-race party and chowder lunch ($10 for non-runners!)— Help us make the 5th running of our yearly race the BIGGEST ONE EVER!  (plus bring in that new dishwasher!)

Thanks again for your time and continued support!




2 thoughts on “The dishwasher won’t run, but hopefully YOU will

  1. I’m afraid to ask….what’s the price tag on a new dishwasher?

  2. The comparable model will cost (total) between $3 & $5K…we will need half (or so) plus the cost of installation and removal of the old machine…

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