Three Years and Counting

Here comes MARCH…supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb… I think this winter (or at least the last month of it) has been a whole pride of lions!!  I just noticed a lot of our posts start with the weather! I think that’s because what’s going on outside greatly affects what is planned and cooked inside!!

Anyway, this month, no great commentary, no huge thoughts…just one big HOORAY!  March 17, 2015 marks our 3rd anniversary!  They say that any restaurant that survives it’s first year is doing pretty good…well, on almost all donations only for our financial support, we’ve made it 3 times longer than that!!

We’d like to invite our regular guests, our past and present volunteers, our friends and families and pretty much everyone else reading this post to come celebrate that week with us!!!

On Saturday, March 14 we will hold our traditional anniversary breakfast with a “Touch of the Irish” in honor of our opening on St. Patrick’s Day, 2012.  Homemade corned beef hash, oven baked fries with curry sauce, Irish Soda bread and…PIE!  PIE???  What does that have to do with it??  I’ll explain (sort of):

It just so happens that our anniversary celebration will be held on a once in a lifetime date...3.14.15… for those with math knowledge…this is also known as PI…a Greek letter assigned to the mathematical ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s radius…

WHAT?  Well, it doesn’t really matter if you just got lost…here’s your take away.  Greek letter PI, has to do with circles, a fixed number that’s 3.1415 (and keeps going) which sounds like PIE, which are usually round, and the date of our anniversary celebration is 3.14.15… and we decided we couldn’t just ignore this point in history, especially at our anniversary party!

So be sure to come celebrate with us – ANNIVERSARY BREAKFAST – SATURDAY, MARCH 14, 2015 from 7:30AM – 11AM.  We’re trying to get a real record breaker day…150 or more!  So be patient, we’ll have live music, giveaways, good food and lots of fun and friends to keep you entertained if we pack the house!  The celebration continues with an ANNIVERSARY LUNCH – THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2015 from 11AM – 2PM.  More goodies to giveaway, more good food, and good friends and PIE…we have to have PIE even though the moment in history will be over!

So, post a flyer, email your friends, bring your neighbors and families and help us make a BIG DEAL of our 3RD ANNIVERSARY!!!

CELEBRATING THREE (Flyer to Print & Share)

MAR15menu (March Menus)


Help Wanted

All Are Welcome has always been a bit “passive” when it comes to fundraising…  Gifts from our supporters who attend our weekly meals have provided us the ability to purchase groceries and keep our program running every week for almost 3 years and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity!

We have some safety equipment that we have been waiting to install until we could “raise the funds”, sadly that prospect seems to be taking much longer than we had hoped.  In order to move forward we really need to get this equipment in place and need some extra help making this financially possible!


We’ll be having some extra FUNraising opportunities for the month of February!  We have our logo mugs, reusable grocery/tote bags and Run for Your Lunch AAW logo hats for sale!  You can stop by and pick these products up in person OR you can make a donation through our website: and we will contact you regarding a donation gift!!

We’re hoping a lot more of our Facebook Followers will join us this month to help us meet our $2500 goal by March 17 (Our Third Anniversary)!  More than ever, we need you to share our mission, our menu and our needs!

As an extra “Thank You” for visiting AAW this month, we will be having some door-prize drawings, a few giveaways and some other surprises along the way!  For starters – on February 14, during our Saturday breakfast, our good friends Scott & Tyler Philie will be performing!  We guarantee you’ll enjoy their tunes and our meal!

The February menu has also been posted…please post and share and encourage your contacts and connections to check us out!!