Year ‘Round Giving

Happy Winter (YUK). It’s cold, it’s gray, it’s HERE.  My least favorite season for weather.

Which, is only a 1/2 truth.  I celebrate Christmas, so December isn’t so bad…I like cinnamon and peppermint – the “scents” and flavors of the season. 3 out of 4 of my children have birthdays in January, so another month of winter is full of celebrations for our family.  All Are Welcome has our annual RUN FOR YOUR LUNCH fundraiser (more on that soon!) in January too…so other than not wanting to be cold, the first half of winter has a few good points.

But let’s back up to the whole “Holiday Season” thing.  Yes, for me, and others who celebrate Christmas, there’s a lot of things going on, and it’s usually good.  Not so much maybe for those who are struggling financially.  Being bombarded with ads telling you to make others (and even yourself) happy by buying more things can really add to stress, not make you happy.

So, those of us who are doing ok, take anonymous tags off trees and help others have a “christmas” by ensuring there’s something under the tree.  WAIT – what if you don’t celebrate Christmas?  Or what if your kid’s birthday is the week before or the week after the 25th of December…can you ask the Christmas Wish people to throw in an extra gift for that?

Don’t get me wrong, I think helping out others who are struggling is a really GOOD thing.  But why only during “the holidays”?  Why do we have giant food drives ONLY at Thanksgiving? Why do we focus on filling needs and wish lists ONLY at Christmastime? It’s nice to help someone else celebrate the holidays, but what about the folks who have trouble getting by all year long? Like the single parent with 3 kids who outgrew everything they own over the summer and don’t have back to school clothes? Or those that lost their job, unemployment ran out and the family can’t keep the lights turned on in April? And that veteran down the street who’s living on a fixed income but hasn’t had the extra money to buy a new set of sheets for his bed in over a year?

While we’re all going a little crazy shopping and baking and taking care of those less fortunate, it’s a good time to remember that some times the struggles go well beyond the holidays.  All Are Welcome serves two meals per week, all year long.  We need support from our community to keep that going, all year long!

This year, we’ve made some changes to our annual fundraiser (the RUN FOR YOUR LUNCH), hoping that more of our supporters will come from the wider community, not just the “running crowd”. In addition to our 5.5K road race, we’re inviting some vendors and crafters to encourage more folks to join us, even if they don’t race. We serve a homemade chowder & bread lunch with hot drinks and dessert for $15.  We’ll have a few more door prize drawings and giveaways and maybe a few more surprises as well!

Please consider adding All Are Welcome to your “giving” list in 2015! You can sponsor our event, make an online donation, choose All Are Welcome on your AMAZON SMILE shopping site, or just come and dine with us once or twice per month!  Our regular meals are served Thursday from 11AM – 2PM (lunch) and Saturday from 7:30AM – 11:00AM (breakfast) and every donation (large or small) helps ensure we can continue to provide meals for those who struggle all year long.


5 thoughts on “Year ‘Round Giving

  1. Karen you are so right we at lots of love try to do things year round for the elderly .. we help when we can for many families .. I loved to read this you are always right on target ❤

  2. My sentiments EXACTLY. Some folks need help at many other times than Christmas time.

  3. I appreciate the positive comments, but I want to make sure folks don’t get the wrong idea. Helping others at the holidays is a great thing. Imagine being the kid at school who goes in after the break who doesn’t have anything “new” to report when all your classmates show up all freshly decked out. (Yes, we know it’s not about stuff, but tell a 4th grader that). I would just like folks to remember that when the holiday season is over, there is folks who struggle all year long and support is needed all year long!

  4. Call me naive, but with the over abundance of charitable giving during the holiday season, I’d be hard pressed to believe that any child, around these parts, could return to school after Christmas and not have something “new” to wear – and play with.

    • That is what I want folks to understand…we shouldn’t stop holiday giving – it’s a true blessing – but in addition to holiday time, we can’t forget there are some needs that exist all year long!

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