March is nearly over – hopefully, winter goes with it!!

We’ve just posted our April menu.  Our meal selections are a combination of “winter” comfort foods and lighter warm-weather options – it has to get warm eventually, right?

Did you know that when we plan our menus we try to incorporate fresh produce, healthy protein and bread options and try to limit our food choices to avoid high-fat, high-carb and high sugar options as well as provide proper portion sizes?

You may have noticed that we seldom serve meals that include pasta or rice at the center of the dish and instead offer lots of vegetable and fruit options.  

In an effort to offer healthy, delicious food options, we make a lot of our items from scratch – right at All Are Welcome!  Our salad dressings, desserts, soups, sauces, gravies – all made by our dedicated volunteers every week!

Our menu is also designed to fit our unique restaurant situation – we share our kitchen with the Church of Our Saviour, our fresh food and freezer space is limited, so we can’t buy too much in bulk or on sale and “stock up”, and we only serve each meal once per week so we have to be very careful about our estimating the amount of food we need so we’re not wasting!  That’s why sometimes our menus may seem “limited”. We keep certain regular items so there’s always something familiar and then we plan a special, one or two complimentary side dishes and dessert for the lunch meals.  

With this little bit of insight into HOW our dishes and our meals are prepared, we’re inviting your contributions!

While we receive lots of compliments (THANK YOU!) for our meals, we also have folks ask us to serve certain foods…so here’s YOUR chance to tell us what you’d like to see on the menu! We can’t promise that all your suggestions will make the cut, but would love to hear what YOU think should be on our menu!  Got a summer favorite?  Have a sandwich idea that can’t be beat?  Tell us your suggestions and you may just see your wish as a dish!

Post your comments here or on our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/AAW.42).  If it makes the menu, we’ll give you the credit for the suggestion and let you know when your choices are being served!!

Have fun!




I imagine I’m not the first to notice that it’s been a pretty rough winter.  Not only did we experience a New England winter in all its, um, glory, but there have been some personal issues in our All Are Welcome family as well.  Two of our long-term, regular volunteers lost family members in early 2014.  With an organization as small as AAW, it’s hard to always separate the professional from the personal.  

In order to rejuvenate, we took a much needed vacation this month. We know closing for a couple of weeks burdened those guests who have come to rely on our program.  We decided a well-rested, energetic staff would be a much greater benefit in the long term.  

We’ve certainly had our positive moments too!

The 2014 RUN FOR YOUR LUNCH was a great success! It was cold, but there was no snow, no ice and clear roads!  We had some fabulous new sponsors and many of our long term supporters turned out to help as well!

Late last fall, the IRS approved our status as a 501c3 charitable organization, so we can independently pursue a wider base of fundraising opportunities.  

But best of all, we are reaching more guests and increasing the numbers at our table each week!  Meeting the needs of our community means fulfilling our mission and on the right path to move forward.  Thank you for all your support and continuing to appreciate what we do!

And so, here in the middle of our resting and relaxing, there are a few behind the scenes actions going on to keep All Are Welcome serving you the best meals and positive dining experience possible our volunteers (and your donations) can provide!

We’ve been talking to some local artists (again) hoping to brighten up our decor, we’ve been working on some administrative things that will improve our volunteer experience and looking at some ways to expand our menu within our service capabilities. Above all that, we’ve been planning our SECOND ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION!

On Saturday, March 17, 2012 we served our first community breakfast…we had Irish themed foods, Irish music, a lot of energy and about 75 guests…by the end of our first year at our 2013 anniversary meal, we had similar Irish tasties, Live Music and over 130 guests!!

We want to top that for our 2nd Anniversary!!!  At St. Patrick’s day, we will be having our Irish themed meal, Scott and Tyler Phillie are going to play, we have giveaways, we’ll be playing a few games for some special prizes, we’ll be having a doorprize drawing of a video camera that retails for around $300…so all we need is YOU!!  How many guests can we serve in 3 1/2 hours? Bring your friends, bring folks that haven’t tried All Are Welcome yet, bring some guests who may benefit from our community meal…we want to serve 150 people to start off our 3rd year in business!  


Try our Irish Breakfast…try our traditional favorites…try our Equal Exchange fair trade coffee and tea…Just TRY us out! Every guest and every gift brings us closer to reaching more folks who are struggling in our area!!